Sunday, October 30, 2005


Happy Samhuinn!!! The day of the party started with manic cleaning of the flat and decorating it suitably. Then I turned my attention to carving pumpkins.

Oh, scarry!

After the carving I started on making pumpkin punch which consisted of 1 boiled and pulped pumpkin, ginger beer, cider, rum and some water after much experimentation I settled on 2 parts ginger beer, 1 part cider, a half part rum, a part and a half of water and six spoon fulls of pumpkin, I then mixed this together in the blender and put the mix in a bowl carved from a very large pumpkin. It was then time to get ready. Jaava decided to get dressed up as a ned


I (Unsurprisingly) decided to come as the "Big Bad Wolf" The outfit consisted of black clothes with lots of make up, a pair of pointy wolf ears and a long (Home made!) tail. AY helped my out to put my make up on and it turned out great and very celtish :)

Big bad iwolf64 and carbon dog!

Just before finishing my make up Jaavaa and his brother John arrived back after going to get food earlier (Not in the ned out fit!) John was the first of all the guests not to make any effort to turn up to a fancy dress party in fancy dress so he had the chance to dip into the blue bag of mystery I had prepared earlier to pull out a random piece of fancy dress.

John with catty ears!

As mentioned previously no one decided to wear fancy dress and the blue bag of mystery was soon depleted after Tam took the cat tail and Ctaan took the collar and immediately placed on Bagpuss_thecat.


After the bag was empty I had to resort to using left over decorations, of which the fake spider web was the most popular.

Sarah and Arron

And also...

Sarah and Arron, again

Well, that was the 'Fancy dress' Samhuinn party, it didn't go quite the way I expected but it was still a good night.

Big bad iwolf64 and Carbon dog again :)


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